Things you should ask your Personal Trainer!

A lot of people want to get fit & be healthy and go and look for a Personal Trainer to help them out. But, after you go to your gym or look on line for the PT you need to ask your trainer a couple of questions.

1. Are you registered? What I mean by this is are they registered with one of the two PT registry’s, Physical Activity Australia or Fitness Australia, If they are this means that are up to date on CPR & First Aid & Insurance cover and have a Certificate III or IV in Fitness or above. If they do not have any of the above don’t use them.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask your PT questions. This is your training session. So if you feel your PT is not listening and making do 100 Burpee’s (all my clients like Burpee’s) every session make sure you do have input into your sessions.

3. Touching base with your PT is important. Are you reaching your goals? Are you getting healthier? If your trainer has asked you to write a food diary are you showing them? Talk to your trainer about how you feel your going; don’t just let one session blend into another.

4. Is your PT giving you homework “So before I see you next week I would like you to walk/run 4 times a week”? As a PT I ask my clients to text/email me about what they have done or talk to them over the session about what they have done and about to do over the time they don’t see me. It shows your PT is helping you. If they have a Face book page get on board and join in the chat.

5. This is a big one for me. If my clients ask a question and I don’t know the answer, I will tell my clients “I don’t know” and go find the answer out for them. We all know a lot about our jobs, but not everything. This way my clients know that I always trying to find new things out for them and me.

6. The last one and a big one, you have to be comfortable with your PT. If you feel uncomfortable with your PT then it won’t work. I always do a meet and greet with my clients for free. This way I can sit down and talk to them about what they want and most importantly that they are comfortable with me.

So I hope this has helped you with finding a PT. PT can help with motivation, be accountable and so much more. But they are not the silver bullet when it comes to improving your health; you have reasonability to put in work both in and out of your session. By doing that extra mile, you are gearing your self up to reach your goals. So go out there and get healthy!

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