Success Stories


Emily - Reservoir

I'm so glad I found Skye! She is fun, down to earth and very accommodating for mums and kids. I always feel welcome and accepted whatever state I show up to training in.

Her professionalism and experience shows in how relaxed the sessions feel while she still keeps a close eye on your alignment and progress, and maintains just the right level of variety and challenge to keep you motivated.

As an osteopath, I appreciate her skill working with the body, building long lasting strength and balance. I happily recommend her to my patients as well as family and friends.

Danielle – Preston

I'm a working mum with 2 year old twins so getting to the gym for me is almost impossible. Skye's Fitness is perfect for me because we can train at the house while the kids are napping! Not only have I seen my strength and cardio fitness return but, most importantly, it's done wonders for my mental health because it's just about the only thing I do in the week that's just for me. Her training style is fun and the exercises varied - the TRX training is awesome! We have some great laughs in the backyard while working out and she's always super flexible when life gets in the way. If you're like me and looking for a way to reinvigorate your week, Skye's Fitness is an excellent investment!


I was recently diagnosed with generalized hyper mobility and was having problems with hip alignment and rib sprains because of my very flexible ligaments and joints. My osteo suggested that I try strengthening my core muscles particularly on my left side which is much weaker than my right to help support my joints. I decided to give a PT a go and through my internet travels I found Skye.

In our initial session Skye was very thorough with her assessment of me and could instantly see where my problem areas were and we started working on strengthening those areas straight away. Skye is also very open to working with my Osteo to help improve my general wellbeing. She always asks me if my osteo wants her to focus on anything in particular and asks if my osteo is happy with my progress (which she is).

Skye is a joy to train with. She is upbeat, friendly and motivational. My exercises range from Pilates to weights to boxing, which makes for an enjoyable session that is never boring. Skye mixes up my routine every week to keep things interesting and also challenging. I walk out of every session sweaty and feeling great. Within the first few months I’ve been training with Skye I have already noticed a significant improvement in my strength, especially on my left side. I’ve also been having fewer problems with my ribs and hips and I’ve noticed an improvement in my energy levels.

Thank you Skye for helping me reduce the pain I was experiencing and also for improving my fitness.


Over the last few years having busy work commitments and a young family I have struggled to bring my weight down. This was mainly due to inconsistent dieting and exercise. I then tried personal training as a way of providing a structured and consistent regime to keep me on the path towards improving my cardio and stamina and bringing my weight down. Skye is a great motivator and although I have been training with her for a short time my stamina has improved and my weight is now heading in the right direction whilst building muscle at the same time. She is very accommodating with providing me with options of home or studio training and the occasional date change due to my interstate travel.
She also has a vast range of exercises that keep the sessions interesting but most of all I feel that I have had a descent work out which I would never do when training on my own.

Rebecca & Stewart

It was after receiving our wedding photos in dec 2012 that we realized a few things needed to change. We looked at the photos and didn't like what we saw. We decided to try a personal trainer. We wanted the motivation but also another person to hold us accountable. From our first meeting with Skye I knew we had made the right choice. Skye has helped my husband and myself feel confident in training. Each session is enjoyable but also challenging. We look forward to our sessions with Skye and feel amazing once we have worked out.

We looked for a lifestyle choice not a quick fad diet. The numbers on a scale can only say so much but the confidence and fitness that we have discovered since we started with Skye has been invaluable.

Since we started training with Skye we have made some lifestyle changes and between us have lost over 30 kilos over 18 months. Skye has supported us through this and no doubt will be supporting us in the future.

Skye is a fantastic trainer, she understands that working out can be hard and isn't everyones favourite activity but tailors the sessions to the person and most importantly makes you feel like your goals are achievable and for that, Stewart and I will always be grateful.

Lucy, Preston

Skye has been meticulous in response to my diagnosed knee injury (complete rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament). Not only has she been incredibly astute in relation to my movement capabilities, she has incorporated my Orthopaedicsurgeon's and Physiotherapist’s rehabilitation (pre rehabilitation!) requirements into my weekly training regime. She has carefully considered appropriate excersises for me to undertake, pre operation, and has indicated her support and capability to support me post surgery rehabilitation.

Liz, Preston

For those who don’t like spandex, fluorescent lights and excessive wall to ceiling mirrors, Skye Fitness is the way to go! Skye creates a friendly, informal, relaxed environment, making training fun for any fitness level!


At the time that I received the gift of 10 sessions to Skye's Personal Training I did not realise that my life would change so much. In our initial consultation Skye met me, at the time, a very sad and unmotivated individual and I met a bubbly, upbeat and understanding trainer. As soon as our first training session ended, she was able to get me smiling again. I enjoyed her sessions so much that I called the day that I trained with Skye "my best day of the week". I walked out of each session dripping in sweat and with a smile from ear to ear. Skye filled the hour with exercises that I enjoyed, from boxing and running to exercises that helped me with my back pains. Skye also incorporated many motivational talks as well as nutritional guidance. Week by week I gained strength and become more and more motivated to exercise on my own and absolutely love it again. Attending Skye's training and taking in her advice also helped me to get back on track with various other aspects like family, work and life in general. I now feel confident and energetic which I sincerely never thought that I would feel again and I could not have done it without a good kick up the back side from Skye!

Thank you Skye for help me get out of the dark hole I was in and living a healthy and happy life again.


Skye’s Fitness is the only thing that can get me out of bed to exercise in the morning! I love having a program tailored to my needs and I can feel myself growing stronger and leaner through the workouts. I’m so glad I’ve found something to flick my motivation switch back on, because I’d fallen into a real exercise slump and had lost my mojo. Now I feel it returning! Thanks Skye